Auntie's first full typeset has been uploaded! 🎉🎉🎉🎉


Please welcome Auntie, the newest member of our team! He will be supporting President Reagan in the typesetting and page layout.

More updates: From the survey results you are still sending in (:o), we've decided to create a mailing list! email lainzine@protonmail.com to be added, and we will try to get everyone who already contacted us about it, too. We are thinking about RSS and a Matrix bridge for our current IRC room (#lainzine on freenode) as well, the current issue is that we don't have a dedicated server for these things - neocities does not provide any sort of server-side programming that would make an RSS feed easy to update and not involve typing in XML stuff by hand.

We are still working on lainzine 5, and expect to release a PDF in February. Thank you so much for being patient, and in the meanwhile, be sure to check out Auntie's typeset of Nyx Land's Cyber-Nihilist Manifesto. "The typesetting kind of surpasses the text itself lmao" - Nyx Land, twitter.

Also be sure to check out Black Fog Zine, a newly-released last year weird art online magazine that started the same place we did.

Moving forward is trying to print physical releases: we've reached out to find local printers in Europe (Corsica), but thru survey results we are also interested in printing services in Australia, the United States, and Brazil, among others. We are looking for local services to have as little overhead as possible, so those interested in buying copies can pay as little as possible. We are also thinking about making merchandise in-house, such as clothes and stickers. Stay tuned for details!

Finally, lainzine 6 currently has 5 article submissions and 16 pieces of original artwork (submitted by 2 artists) so far, as well as 1-3 additional works we may include depending on how much more content is sent. Submissions are absolutely still open, so if you have anything you want to submit, or for us to review, or even to start writing something, now would be a perfect time to do that. Thank you again for enjoying our work all these years.



Polling encouraged us to bold the titles of every article on volume 5 that was finished in the PDF. We are still polling, and would really like it if people took the 9-question survey about our content. Other results so far have been that you all like the technical howtos but would like to see more art and "abstract," philosophical sort of content and commentary. We are looking into the problem somebody is having with qutebrowser, and @ the lain who asked for my phone number it is [redacted].

Liberapay has finally fixed their team donation feature, meaning that you no longer have to donate to individual team members and can instead donate to the whole project's collective fund. Thank you all for the support so far!